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"When my hard drive ceased to function, the IT department declared it as dead, they recommended data recovery. I spoke with several data recovery firms but decided to send it to you guys as you eased my fears over the telephone and offered a great sounding service. A great service is exactly what I received! I received the evaluation results in double quick time and all my data within 48 Hrs of approving the recovery. A truly excellent job!"
Pankaj Jain
Operations Manager
Hutchison 3G UK Limited

Data Recovery Advice

Do's & Dont's.

If you ever experience a data loss situation, you should always follow the following rules.

    ...Shut down the system.
    ...Never attempt to recover the data yourself using off the shelf software.
    ...Always take a clone of the failed media before attempting to recover any data yourself.
    ...Never use data recovery software on a hard drive with symptoms of a mechanical failure.
    ...Never recover data to the same physical hard drive.
    ...Always employ the services of a data recovery professional to recover critical data.
    ...Always employ the services of a data recovery professional which has class 100 clean facilities.

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